Friday, July 23, 2010

Time for a New Contest!!

I have to say, I am very disappointed in my lack of blogging lately! So to get me back in the swing of things I have decided to hold a very simple contest.

At this point, I have three active shops. They are:
SimplyRaevyn - Etsy Shop or Artfire Shop
PeculiarParchment - Etsy Shop or Artfire Shop
WhatYouCrave - Etsy Shop or Artfire Shop

Despite my recent laziness, I have been fairly good at keeping them stocked up. But I would like some feedback on my inventory! So here is the contest, simple and straightforward!!

Leave a comment with a link to an object you would like to comment on. Then, leave me a critique/comment! You can say you love it because (fill in the blank), or let me know something that needs improving on it. Maybe the pictures are not flattering, or it just doesn't look good! I need your feedback so if you want to critique, please don't be shy :) I really want to stress that this is not just a love me fest. I want honest feedback :) I have three shops, so you can earn a total of three entries into the contest. Please leave a separate comment for each shop.

Yes, there is a way to earn extra entries. That is, make a purchase! If you make a purchase from any of my three shops you will get 2 additional entries. Leave a comment here with your transaction link.

Let's run this contest until Friday, August 6th at midnight (est) On the 7th I will use to select the winner.

And of course, the prize!!!! There will be three prizes. Here they are:

*First Place - $30 gift certificate good in my SimplyRaevyn or Peculiar Parchment shops.

*Second Place - $20 gift certificate good in my SimplyRaevyn or Peculiar Parchment shops.

*Third Place - $10 gift certificate good in my SimplyRaevyn or Peculiar Parchment shops.

Please note that the gift certificates are NOT redeemable in my What You Crave shop.

So that's it! Simple and straight forward :) If there are any questions, just email me at . Have fun!! :D


keshondbaby said...

I really love the dolphin cards
They look like the dolphin is jumping out of the water. Great color choices with that one.

julssewcrazy said...

I love these earrings!
You can tell by my avitar, I have a thing for Red, White and Blue! I love the dangle of the earring and I think it is fabulous how you took the picture in front of rustic wood!
Good luck with your shop!

d3b...* said...

-this actually caught my attention

because of how sharp the picture is and how clear and bright. maybe some of your other pictures should be as sharp and clear as this one.

-this shop has amazing pictures and amazing items i love them all. specially this.
i love it because i love animal print! and these are great!.

-these are awesome
but maybe if you used a lighter background color they could be sharper and clear :)...*

muffintopdesigns said...

you know i LOVE the cards that you have in your peculiarparchment shop - i love the colour combinations you use, and i love the little ribbon - it really adds a nice touch!

Linden said...

Hi there, just found your blog and your lovely shops!

These are a really bold colour choice and I can see why you've put them in your Featured Items, they're stunning and very attention grabbing:

I think your choice of background works perfectly, too.

Linden said...

These tags are really cute and a great price:

Just a thought, you might want to try a darker background to get more contrast. I clicked on them because I could tell they had a pattern but couldn't see exactly what it was from the thumbnail. (Or maybe zoom in closer?)

Hope this helps!

Linden said...

Woohoo, I've found another supplies shop!!

These are sweet and a good price, your P&P is very reasonable too and will encourage multi purchasers.

Again, maybe zoom in a bit more for your first photo? I know it means people can't see everything that's in the listing from your first pic but it might draw their eye to yours in a page full of similar items. Hope this helps!

Chris Synopticvisions Studio said...

With all three shops... & &
I personally LOVE your work & the pieces you create! The photo's taken against the wood really make the items POP and stand out. But, the ones taken on the sweatshirt looking material is a dis-service to your creations. I would suggest another inside back drop to enhance and show of the pieces made. The grey fabric kind of drags it down...JUST MY OPINION & it aint worth crapOla!
On a side note::: What your offering to sell & what you create are beautiful items..Put your personality into the back drops and youll see a difference I think "o)

cappy sue creations said...

Howdy I went to your Artfire what you crave shop just because I had never been there.
I think these are adorable
here is my crit on them. I think using the pale gray background is great for the bright cardstock type stuff but it really does not do much for the Star toggles which again are adorable. What a fun contest.

Debs102 said...

I love these they look stunning! Justmy kind of style :) Debs102

Glass Redefined said...

Hiya Raevyn!

Great contest! I have always been partial to your brick stitch earrings! These are my favorites right now, although that purple and green bracelet set almost made me switch my choice :)

eclairre said...

In SimplyRaven, I love how your profile tells a bit about you. I think the pictures could be improved if they were more of a plain color instead of busy.

eclairre said...

In your Peculiar Parchment Shop, I love how you set up the cards. It's really unique compared to other Etsy-ers. Keep going with that!

eclairre said...

In what you crave, I like where you are going with that as well. It's really to-the-point - here are the supplies you'll receive. That's exactly what I look for in a supply shop! Good job!

Amylee said...

Bethany, I love these little hooters!

Your stuff is always nice!

SeaBird said...

This card stock is so cute! To accentuate the cuteness, I would go closer in for the photo!

Laura (SugarChills)

SeaBird said...

I love your mini-cards! These patriotic ones are especially cute!

SeaBird said...

Love this design! Maybe offer it in more colors besdies the green and yellow - - ?

Tomo said...

I bought these from PeculiarParchment today:

I really like these too:

I like simple, two-color cards and tags so I like the black & pink polka dots tags and am looking forward to my custom red & black cards!

The3Maries said...

Love this!

The colors are wonderful and very eye catching!

Kelsey Kim said...

I love your card assortment in the Peculiar Parchment shop, I love notcards, and always have them on-hand, and always appreciate ones that are unique or different.

Loreta said...

Okay, so from the Simply Raevyn etsy shop I chose to comment the Yellow and Black Brick Stitch Earrings.

I love everything about them - the colours, the pattern. They would look really good on a black haired girl. Heck, I'd buy them too if I had 16 bucks, and I don't even wear earrings :D

leenoor1 at gmail dot com

Loreta said...

Eh, about Peculiar Parchment. Couldn't pick one thing to critique, so I'm going to talk about the whole shop. I must say, I wouldn't buy anything from there. The cards are too colourful, glittery and have a very heavy overall look. I'm more of a clean-graphics type of girl, I suppose.

leemoor1 at gmail dot com

Loreta said...

...and I don't really know what to say about the WhatYouCrave store, as I'm not into jewelry making. I like some of the beads though - e.g. the Yellow and Blue Millefiori Glass Square Beads. They look so yummy.

leemoor1 at gmail dot com

Melissa said...

I love the Thank You Notes:

Why? Because the colors and designs are so pretty, and I love that there's an assortment, so that you can mix it up a bit.


Anonymous said...

I would put the word, "Halloween" in the title so that people who are searching for Halloween stuff will find it more easily.

Anonymous said...
I think the vampire notecards are very cute!

Anonymous said...

For the What You Crave store, I wonder if it might be better to stick to either jewelry making supplies or paper crafting supplies, instead of doing both. However, you run the store so you have a much better idea of what your sales look like than I do.

karma dot points at yahoo dot com

Chani said...

I love "For the love of baking". Those are such cute cards and I'm just in love with stationary and other paper stuff!

aquariann said...

Your owl necklace is super cute!

My only suggestion would be to experiment with different backgrounds to photograph him (and your other items) on. I've seen other shops use patterned scrapbook paper as a fun and inexpensive way to jazz up listings.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this chance :)
I love the "Sparkling Violet Crystal and Silver Bracelet"

Xoxo ♥
Pinkie Angia

bettilouise said...

I really love these, I think the picture is from a great angle and the colors of the cards are great together!

very married said...


so cute!

However, i'd like to see some more adult targeted cards... a lot of them are adorable but i think your shop would be more versatile with options for sophisticated events. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Sweepstake Lover said...

I like the Red Crystal and Silver Bracelet:
Because it's artsy and you can use more black color in your jewelry. I love black :)

annabell_lee_dk (at)

Sweepstake Lover said...

I like the Triquetra Pewter Pendant, I love its shape:

annabell_lee_dk (at)

Sweepstake Lover said...

I like the Vampire Note Cards:
I love vampires :D

annabell_lee_dk (at)

Anonymous said...
love those! very rock n roll:)

Anonymous said...
love all your assorted cards. there's a right card for every buyer or friend..

Anonymous said...
ok I can't describe it, I just love the fish! very stylish.

Salad For Breakfast said...

I love the Dark Blue and Crystal Two Tone 6mm Czech Fire Polished Glass Beads (50)! You did a good thing by taking pictures of it up close in order to allow us to see the two toned colours. Very clear pictures and the beads are just so stunning!

saladforbreakfast AT gmail DOT com

Digital Misfit said...

This bracelet is lovely
The tiny red accents are beautiful on the silver.
I can see that you used the heather jersey fabric to unify the shop colors with the aged wood backgrounds, but it is doing nothing for your product. It appears drab and does not let the items pop.
I would suggest a bold green background which really makes silver stand out, and, unlike white, black or grey, brings out the accent colors.

Perfect Blue Moon said...

I love the Silver and turquoise earrings! great with just about any outfit!


(and those zebra print guitar pick earrings are super cute too!)

Haylee said...

these are so cute! The bee is such a fun idea.


Haylee said...

I like that you made each piece of paper clearly visible on this one:


Jenny Bolech said...

I love this bracelet and earrings set!
I don't think I've ever actually seen any jewelry these colors before - it's the uniqueness that appeals to me I think :)
jenny.maurer84 at gmail dot com

Kim said...

I really like the

earrings - they are awesome!

Kim said...

I hearted the


frugalmdmom at comcast dot net