Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Friday

Well of course I managed to miss a blog day, no surprise on my end though!

I received a ton of the stuff I ordered from ebay and etsy today! I'm so happy. I have a lot of plans now for things to make. I also marked all of my drop earrings way down on my sites. I want to do a sort of spring cleaning. Get rid of the older stuff and make room for the new things I want to try.

I did manage to make two pairs of brick stitch earrings yesterday. Here they are:

I'm trying to make some sort of spring themed earrings, hence the bumblebee patterns :)

I must say, I just ripped my fingernail, and oh dear lord does it hurt! Blah nothing worse than that. Well I'm sure there is, but that isn't relevant at the moment :p

Okay time to go and spend some time with Paul :) He has today, Saturday and Sunday off! I am so excited.