Monday, March 24, 2008


Howdy everyone!!

Well it's Monday. Paul had Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. We got to spend a lot of time together and that was wonderful. He hadn't really had a day off in weeks. We watched Rome, and also started the work on my website. We are going to build a really nice website to sell my jewelry on. It is actually our dream to eventually be able to build websites, promote, etc. as a job. We want to start our own company. But we are going to use my jewelry business as sort of a jumping off point. We found a good hosting company, and will purchase the domain from Go Daddy. Our friend Elmin has been helping with some advice because he has some great dream of creating a website that will make him rich, without him having to do much :p So he has researched good hosting companies and stuff. It has been a lot of years since I built a web page, but I think Paul and I will be able to build a really great site.

I guess I haven't done too much beading in the last two days. I did make these ones yesterday

I have also started a new pair today. What I did accomplish was rephotographing the rest of my drop earrings and chandelier earrings. I am holding a Spring Cleaning Sale on etsy and ebay to sell most of them, so I wanted better pictures of them. Hopefully these sales can clean out a lot of my older inventory. I want a "fresh" start, and to be able to stop looking at the earrings I have had for a few months. I am also trying to participate in all of the groups I joined today. So I think today will be a beading break day. But I will work on promotion and stuff on the internet.

I am really liking this google group that I am part of called etsyBEAD. They seem to be a very active and dedicated group. They have a weekly promotion called EBTW, which means etsyBead Theme of the Week. Basically they discuss and decide on a certain theme. Then the members that want to participate list items within that theme, and offer a special on these items. I decided to try it out this week. This weeks theme is stormy weather.

SO basically, things are looking good. I made about 10 sales last week. While that number isn't huge, it is pretty great for me. Steady too, as I had at least one sale almost every day. I am excited about how things are going. I have always had a hard time sticking with things, but I think I have finally overcome that with this "project". Wish me luck!!!