Monday, April 28, 2008

Hectic Week

Whew I have had such a busy week! I don't even quite know where to start. I have made a lot of sales, trades, and purchases! I have also spent the week improving my online presence. I joined some etsy teams, and worked on joining some of the social network sites like Facebook, StyleHive, and Talent Database. I know there were others that I joined, but it seems silly to list them all here. They are all linked on my main site though.

The day I signed up for RME (Revolution Money Exchange), I order a lot of supplies from other Etsy sellers. And I do mean a lot. I have been wanting to add a lot of new inventory to my shop, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get some new materials. I have also shown a few of my friends RME. Besides using the RME money, I also traded for supplies, and spent every penny I earned on orders ordering supplies. On Saturday I got 6 bubble mailers jam packed with goodies! I haven't been to the mailbox yet today, but I expect at least that many, if not more, today. So I have been making a lot of new things these past few days. I am also trying to expand the materials I use, and I recently fell in love with using pearls, and I have ordered more.

As far as "life" is concerned this week, I guess I haven't really noticed. I am putting 100% of myself into this business, and I am afraid I have been neglecting other things. I told Paul that I will start taking Fridays, and Saturday during the day off. Those are his two days off, and we really love spending time together. So now I just need to start planning my weeks better. Or maybe lighten up on myself somewhat as far as inventory is concerned :p I made a lot of sales this week, and my inventory is down to 99 items right now. And it is totally freaking me out!

I think that I must be manic right now. I am not sleeping well, and my mind is racing. It seems like I am always trying to get a hundred things done at the same time. So today I am trying to calm down a little. I am making a list of the things I want done, and I am going to try and work down the list. This is really something I should do all the time!

Featured Etsy Artist

In this blog I want to talk about etsy artist RKGJewelry. I ran across her in a chat room on one of the first days I entered etsy chat. I started browsing her store because her avatar caught my attention. I was instantly blow away by her shop. Not only was her jewelry beautiful, but her photographs showing off her jewelry were stunning. Unfortunately, I have not yet bought anything from her. But she is on the very top of my wish list, even my fiance knows her work by now! I encourage everyone to take a look at her shop. Here is just one example of her work:

Take a few minutes and check out her shop :)

Well I should go and get some work done on my site now.


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