Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lightening Can Strike Twice!

Hello folks! Two blog entries in one day :o I must be trying to set some sort of a record. I wanted to make an entry about all the things I have been doing at Simply Raevyn lately, as well as the last personal entry that I made.

My online store is going okay. I did a Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale over the weekend, and I got lot's of orders. I was doing the sale because I was supposed to get my tax refund check on Friday the 9th, but it has not yet arrived. I was counting on it to pay some bills, so I started the sale so that I could make up for some of the money. It brought in a lot of first time customers. So hopefully it will lead to future business with these people.

I had my first sale on Blujay! I am of course completely in love with Etsy, but I decided that it wouldn't hurt to also list on Blujay, since it is absolutely free. So yesterday a lady bought quite a bit of my seed bead destash. It made me happy because I really want to get rid of all of my destash, and because it marked my first Blujay sale.

I have been pretty productive all around with my jewelry business this week. I have posted a lot of new items, as well as adding anklets to my item base. I think it is time for me to get back to brick stitching though. I have had a hard time calming my mind down enough to do it, but I am trying to work it back in slowly. I got a pair done today. Now I am going to work on my site for the rest of the day. I ordered a lot of new seed beads, and they should be here in the next day or two. So my goal is to get all of the things I want to add to my site added today, and then when my new seed beads get here I will get back to brick stitching and get my inventory bumped up.

Speaking of things I have wanted to get done, I finally did my first bead patter today! I have been wanting to add some different patterns to my site. So today I opened up my Paint Shop Pro and mapped out the shamrock pattern. I am going to post it tonight. Hopefully I can get about one pattern a week done.

My fiance Paul has also built me a new form for Simply Raevyn. I told him that I want to build a newsletter mailing list, and a birthday database. So he built a great form for me. Hopefully he will add it to the site tonight. I can't wait to start using it!

Okay I guess that is about enough for today. It is almost time for my trade game on etsy :)