Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Etsy Featured Artist - glassredefined and KimCreative

Well I think it is about time for me to once again feature a fantastic Etsy artist. I actually met this artist on my Etsy Trade-a-holics team. Glassredefined is the name of her shop, and she specializes in hand painted and wire wrapped sea glass jewelry. Here are just two examples of her fantastic work!

She also just opened a supply shop called KimCreative. She really has some great things in the supply shop, and of course I am a total supply addict!

After spending a long time browsing through Kim's shops, I decided to ask her to answer a few questions for me, so I could do a feature on her. Here are the questions, and her answers.

Name: Kim Novak
Age (if you don't mind): 44
Where do you live?: Pasadena, MD

You have two shops on Etsy. Please tell us about both of them:
My first and primary shop is Glassredefined.
Glassredefined is a creative glass jewelry business. Hand discovered seaglass is finely painted, then wrapped and designed in solid sterling silver or 14k gold filled wire. Handmade artisan glass is defined in quality wire as well.
Glassredefined recycles seaglass “gems” our local beaches deposit, promoting and supporting a clean environment .Recycled paper mailers are used in shipping these redefined works of art.

My secondary shop is KimCreative
KimCreative is a creative supplies shop, which at times will .also feature completed projects that a family member or myself have created, as well as the occasional antique. This shop was implemented to reduce, reuse and recycle, so that many may creatively express, both economically and responsibly. I recycle all shipping supplies from both shops back through this one.

What inspires you most?
Nature, I am in awe of the world around me, the textures, color, movement and abundance of life, which God created, deeply inspire me. Art is my passion.

What do you do in your spare time?
I paint in acrylics and watercolors, drink coffee, read and share pizza Goldfish with my Golden Retriever~Leo. I am also very active on the Creative Design Team of my local church .

Tell us a little known fact about you.
Green has ALWAYS been my favorite color. Even as a three year old, when other little girls liked pink and said green was yucky, it didn’t phase me. Always and forever a lover of the color green, that’s me!

Do you have a favorite piece? If you have pictures of it (or them), please show us!
I have two favorite pieces. This hand blown Peace Rondelle, and my Signature Waves piece, which is also my Avatar. I wear each of these around all the time, just not together :)

What are you working on now?
I am currently designing a Monochromatic Wave Series of pendants, to be introduced in my Etsy Shop, during the month of July. The designs will be painted on white seaglass and be similar to the piece featured in my Avatar. This line will showcase in the following four categories:
* Aqua ~ blues
* Mist ~ greens
*Coral ~ reds
*Twilight ~ black/grey
I am really excited about it!

Do you sell anywhere besides Etsy? Where?
In addition to Etsy, I sell locally at various art/music vendor events, and upscale home jewelry shows .

Do you twitter, flickr, facebook, blog..or anything else where people can follow you
or see more of you? Please feel free to list all of you "social networking" addresses
and websites.

I have a Glassredefined Facebook page, where I invite you to become a fan!
I do not twitter, flickr or have a blog as of yet, but a blog is something I hope to design in the near future!


glassredefined said...

Raevyn, your a real gem!! Thanks so much! I can't wait to see all of the comments and wonder who I will be shipping to!! Lots of Fun! Many thanks to all who enter:) Enjoy!

glassredefined said...

Raevyn, your a real gem!! Thanks so much! I can't wait to see all of the comments and wonder who I will be shipping to!! Lots of Fun! Many thanks to all who enter:) Enjoy!

Lady V said...

Wonderful designs and pieces. I have always LOVED seaglass and I have several wrapped pieces. I love to see how other jewlery artisans create a piece. I loved the hand painted seaglass pendants. Wonderful, beautiful work and a great article Raevyn.