Monday, June 8, 2009

Etsy Promotion Project

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Howdy! I decided that I want to blog a bit about a promotion project that I have been working on for almost a year now. I do a lot of shopping on Etsy, and I noticed I was really starting to accumulate a lot of business cards from other Etsy sellers. I did not want them to go to waste, so I made a business card sized envelope and I taped a note to it that said:
~ Promote Etsy, Pass it On ~
Add your card; take the one(s) you want
and send this out with your next order!
Let’s promote Etsy and each other!!

Then I filled the envelope with the business cards, and I sent it out with an order. It reminded me a lot of when I was a teenager. I had LOTS of penpals. We were all heavy metal fans, and would pass along these little books called friendship books. They were just pages of names and addresses, then the favorite bands of people. If you saw someone with the same bands you liked, you wrote to them! It was fun, and so addicting! So I decided I wanted to do this business card idea on a bigger envelope.

I posted in the forums asking people to send me their business cards, and the response was huge! And to make a long story short (too late!) I have been at it ever since. I love to do it. And I know that some of the envelopes have led to sales for Etsy sellers, which really makes me smile.

A while ago I came across a Yahoo group called the Etsy Business Card Trading Group. I joined up. It is such a great way to get business cards from people, as well as getting my cards out there. There is not a lot of time involved in the group. There is a database with the names and addresses of the members, and you send cards to the ones you want to send to. Of course there is a message board and stuff if you want to say hi, or make a special request. Recently the owner of the group had to step down because of personal obligations, and I was made the owner. I love being in this group. Since I found Etsy, I have promoted it to everyone I know. And I love doing it at this larger level, if that makes any sort of sense.

Wow that ended up a lot longer than I thought it would! Summary: Promote each other! More buyers coming to Etsy is good for all of us. If you want to get involved with disbursing business cards and having yours disbursed as well, join the yahoo group! Or you can just message me for my address so that you can send me your cards :) I send out TONS of cards, and I love to do it.


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Amie McCracken said...

I sent you some business cards way back when! Thanks so much for doing that.

CreativeSpirit said...

I've been the recipient of your envelope full of cards... I kept what was of interest to me, added my own card and passed it along. WONDERFUL idea!

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

This is such a great idea! I'm going to have to get some cards made up soon. I'd love to be a part of this.
Have a great day!

LindaGJ said...

I would love to be a part of this great idea! I can send my card and other fabulous shop's cards as well. Send me the info where to mail them!!!
Linda :)